Work Begins On The ‘Lastavice Blok 58’ Development in Belgrade

We are proud to announce that UDI (Urban Developers & Investors) has chosen Penta Ge.Co. Construction as their general contractor on their flagship investment in Serbia – the Lastavice Blok 58 development in New Belgrade.

This project is represents a continuation of our work with the ZAP architectural studio. The architectural solution of the project is the result of ZAP’s cooperation with the Czech Hlaváček & Partner studio.

Phase One will see the construction of the Eastern-oriented building which will have 233 apartments and 36 studios. The second phase of construction will have another 191 apartments and 32 studios.

The complex is composed of two, independent, L-shaped structures, oriented inwards by their narrower sections and seperated by a green and pedestrian space.

New Project / Union Šped, Ugrinovci

Penta Ge.Co. was commisioned as the general contractor on Union Šped’s latest facility in Ugrinovci near Belgrade, Serbia. The new facility will cover an area of over 4.000 square meters and presents a further addition to Union Šped’s locations across Serbia.

As the general contractor on this project we will oversee all aspects of construction – from design to realisation, on a turnkey basis. Works have commenced recently, and we will update our project log regularly with new content. Stay tuned!

Time flies. We celebrated our 5th birthday!

Time flies! Yesterday we gathered at our Belgrade offices to mark a truly remarkable date – our fifth birthday. Due to the current situation, we decided to mark our birthday within our offices as bigger celebrations have to wait. We thank our clients for the trust they place in us; we applaud our dedicated, hard working team members and we look forward to another five years. The goals for the next five? Let’s just say they are set very high! Stay tuned on social media. We will share the biggest milestones of the previous five years.

Interview / Miloš Prokić for

‘We can truly be proud of our first five years!’

In one sentence – this is how Miloš Prokić, director at Penta Ge.Co. Construction described our first five years for Serbia’s leading outlet for the construction industry. As a director, Miloš is responsible for overseeing our construction sites in the South of Serbia and is managing a diverse team of all profiles. For our fifth anniversary, he gave an extensive interview to – Serbia’s leading outlet for the construction industry. What is it that Penta Ge.Co. Construction is most proud of, when you look back on the previous five years?

Miloš Prokić: Definitely our people. Having such a diverse, professional team and such a good atmosphere in the company makes every challenge easier to overcome. Think of this – you manage five to ten projects at the same time, all across Serbia – if you don’t have a good atmosphere between your coworkers, if you don’t have the right people in the right positions – it can all turn to hell in just a second. With this team – that can never happen. When you think of clients, in your opinion – what is the one thing they appreciate the most?

Miloš Prokić: The fact that when we say turnkey, we really mean it. In one way, you can think of Penta Ge.Co. as a one-stop-shop solution. We always say it on our social media – from idea to realisation. And we always, always deliver on that.


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