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As a leader in innovation in the construction industry, Penta GE.CO. Construction is dedicated to building not only structures but also lasting careers. Our company is built on transparency and ethical business principles, creating a space where work, knowledge, and accomplishments are not only valued but also rewarded.


Our philosophy: People are our most valuable resource.

We provide an environment where every voice is heard, and every contribution is valued. We invest in the professional development of our team, offering training, workshops, and continuous education to build a better future together.

Our engineers are the heart of our innovation, dedicated to perfecting and implementing the latest technologies in every aspect of our business.

60 Plus employees

Opportunities that grow with you:

For those at the beginning of their careers as well as experienced professionals, Penta GE.CO. Construction offers more than just a job:

Strelica We offer a career path that reflects your ambitions.

Whether you have recently graduated or are nearing the end of your studies:

Strelica We offer you the opportunity to join a team that values dynamism and innovation.

Challenging projects await you, along with the opportunity to develop your skills under the mentorship of our leading experts, working on real projects that shape the landscape of our cities.


Diversity and equality - the foundation of our success:

At Penta GE.CO. Construction, diversity is not just a word - it is the cornerstone of our corporate culture. We are proud to create a work environment that provides equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion, or any other characteristic.

We are open to talent from all walks of life and believe that unique perspectives enrich our company and lead to innovative solutions. We advocate for inclusivity that encourages every individual to fulfill their potential, contributing to the development and growth of our company as a whole community.


Join the team that is building the future:

If you are someone who embraces challenges and wants to contribute to the betterment of the community through your work, we invite you to join Penta GE.CO. Construction.

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Your resume and cover letter are your first steps toward the career that awaits you. Send them to and become part of the ongoing story. Together, we build more than buildings - we build careers, communities, and futures.

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