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A look back on our first five years

Our Miloš Prokić in his interview for

‘We can truly be proud of our first five years!’

In one sentence – this is how Miloš Prokić, director at Penta Ge.Co. Construction described our first five years for Serbia’s leading outlet for the construction industry. As a director, Miloš is responsible for overseeing our construction sites in the South of Serbia and is managing a diverse team of all profiles. For our fifth anniversary, he gave an extensive interview to – Serbia’s leading outlet for the construction industry. What is it that Penta Ge.Co. Construction is most proud of, when you look back on the previous five years?

Miloš Prokić: Definitely our people. Having such a diverse, professional team and such a good atmosphere in the company makes every challenge easier to overcome. Think of this – you manage five to ten projects at the same time, all across Serbia – if you don’t have a good atmosphere between your coworkers, if you don’t have the right people in the right positions – it can all turn to hell in just a second. With this team – that can never happen. When you think of clients, in your opinion – what is the one thing they appreciate the most?

Miloš Prokić: The fact that when we say turnkey, we really mean it. In one way, you can think of Penta Ge.Co. as a one-stop-shop solution. We always say it on our social media – from idea to realisation. And we always, always deliver on that.


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