RC Nest Kraljevo

Location: Kraljevo, Serbia

Size: 6292 m2

Completion Date: 2020

Sector: Retail


Penta Ge.Co. Construction was comissioned as the general contractor on RC Europe’s latest retail park in Kraljevo, Serbia. What makes this project special is that we are glad to see a returning client and a long and mutually beneficial cooperation with RC Europe.


March 25th 2020. Completion of works

This week, as difficult as it has been, saw steady progress being made on the Kraljevo 2 site of RC Europe's latest retail park in Serbia. Work is almost complete with final work being carried out at regular pace.

February 6th 2020. Progress update

The construction of RC Europe's Kraljevo Retail park is nearing its end. The 6.292 square meter facility will be a favourite spot for all residents of Kraljevo. Penta Ge.Co. Construction was hired as the general contractor on this project. Stay tuned!

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