Work Begins On The ‘Lastavice Blok 58’ Development in Belgrade

Ceški UDI (Urban Developers & Investors) odabrao Penta Ge.Co. Construction za generalnog izvođača na Flagship projektu u Srbiji

We are proud to announce that UDI (Urban Developers & Investors) has chosen Penta Ge.Co. Construction as their general contractor on their flagship investment in Serbia – the Lastavice Blok 58 development in New Belgrade.

This project is represents a continuation of our work with the ZAP architectural studio. The architectural solution of the project is the result of ZAP’s cooperation with the Czech Hlaváček & Partner studio.

Phase One will see the construction of the Eastern-oriented building which will have 233 apartments and 36 studios. The second phase of construction will have another 191 apartments and 32 studios.

The complex is composed of two, independent, L-shaped structures, oriented inwards by their narrower sections and seperated by a green and pedestrian space.