Penta Ge.Co. Construction  je odabran kao generalni izvođač na izgradnji novog sedišta kompanije Albo u Batajnici. Objekat se sastoji od poslovne zgrade na koju se naslanja skladišno-distributivni centar kompanije, a ukupna površina iznosi preko 10.000 metara kvadratnih. Svi radovi izvode se po sistemu ‘ključ-u-ruke’.


Corp Zemun is a logistical facility of the highest level of quality and functionality. Located conveniently close to main transport infrastructure points, with easy road-level access, multiple loading ramps and multiple functional spaces.

The office section of the facility is done in two levels with a ground-floor lobby and connection to other parts of the facility. The office space boasts several elegant individual offices, meeting rooms and open-space offices. All necessary technical installations and preparations will be installed.

The storage (distribution) section of the facility can be divided into several functional segments: the storage and distribution space with easy road-level access and multiple loading ramps for easy cargo loading and unloading; the cold-storage space adjecent to regular storage and the manufacturing space connected on the ground level to other areas of the facility.

One of the strongpoints of this facility is certainly its location. The Corp Zemun facility is nested between the Belgrade-Zagreb highway that connects the city to Zagreb, Croatia in the North and runs to Niš in the South. The main railway terminal Zemun is just over a kilometer away and a drive to Belgrade Airport should take not more than 10 minutes. Belgrade City center is approx. 20 kilometers away.

The facility consists of a ground level and two upper floors. In terms of functionality, the facility can be seperated into three parts: the sumptuous office space spread over part of the ground floor and two upper floors with elegant offices, meeting spaces and open-space office rooms with all necessary amenities; the large storage facility with loading ramps and other access points and the ground-level cold storage space with all necessary installations.

Union Šped

Penta Ge.Co. was commisioned as the general contractor on Union Šped’s latest facility in Ugrinovci near Belgrade, Serbia. The new facility will cover an area of over 4.000 square meters and presents a further addition to Union Šped’s locations across Serbia.

As the general contractor on this project we will oversee all aspects of construction – from design to realisation, on a turnkey basis. Works have commenced recently, and we will update our project log regularly with new content. Stay tuned!