Penta Ge.Co. has been entrusted with the construction of an industrial hall for the company“Drenik”. Work done includes: prefabricated concrete construction, facade works – prefabricated ab panels, roofing works, locksmith works – exterior, drainage from the roof – vacuum system



Penta Ge.Co. Construction has completed the construction of a plant for Astay. The building has about 21000 square meters of production space and 2200.00 square meters of wastewater treatment plant. Our company has been engaged in construction work on the part of production and reservoirs, on soil replacement jobs, as well as on the tasks of concreting and prefabrication. An adaptation of offices (construction and craft works) was done on about 1000m2.


Penta Ge.Co. Construction was comissioned to construct Rumafil’s new manufacturing plant in Ruma, Serbia. The facility has a total area of over 2.500 square meters. All work was completed on schedule and in accordance with plans.

Farmina Pet Foods

Penta Ge.Co. Construction was comissioned as the general contractor for Farmina’s new facility in the Inđija industrial zone. The facility has a total area of 5.000 square meters. Construction and planning were completed on schedule.


Penta Ge.Co. Construction was comissioned as the general contractor for the new manufacturing facility of Teknia, one of the leading automotive parts manufacturers from Spain. At over 5000 square meters, this facility is an important part of the growing automotive sector in Serbia. All work was done in accordance with plans and on schedule.


Penta Ge.Co. Construction was commisioned as the general contractor for Jokey’s latest industrial facility in Nova Pazova, Serbia. At over 10.000 square meters, this industrial facility was a challenge met with enthusiasm. All work was carried out on time in accordance with all prearranged plans and schedules.