Union Šped

Penta Ge.Co. was commisioned as the general contractor on Union Šped’s latest facility in Ugrinovci near Belgrade, Serbia. The new facility will cover an area of over 4.000 square meters and presents a further addition to Union Šped’s locations across Serbia.

As the general contractor on this project we will oversee all aspects of construction – from design to realisation, on a turnkey basis. Works have commenced recently, and we will update our project log regularly with new content. Stay tuned!

Roaming Electronics

Penta Ge.Co. Construction was commisioned as the general contractor on Roaming Electronics’ latest facility on the outskirts of Belgrade. The facility consists of a warehous and distributive center with additional office space. The total size of the facility is 11.000 square meters. Penta Ge.Co. Construction delivered the facility on a turnkey basis with obligatory ‘design-and-implement’ documentation.


Subject of works – construction of a facility with all functional units (storage area with reception zone, technical and accompanying official premises, business area with 200 working places on 2 floors and area of 2000 m2, complete traffic manipulative plateau with accompanying internal infrastructure and service facilities, all system buildings in full functionality and in accordance with the purpose).


  • Dimitrić Milena, dipl.inž.arh
  • Milivojević Sladjana, dipl.inž.arh.
  • Djurić Milan, dipl.inž.arh.
  • Vuja Aleksandru, dipl.inž.arh.

Projektant: Penta Ge.Co. Construction


Penta Ge.Co. Construction has completed the construction of a plant for Astay. The building has about 21000 square meters of production space and 2200.00 square meters of wastewater treatment plant. Our company has been engaged in construction work on the part of production and reservoirs, on soil replacement jobs, as well as on the tasks of concreting and prefabrication. An adaptation of offices (construction and craft works) was done on about 1000m2.