Union Šped

Penta Ge.Co. was commisioned as the general contractor on Union Šped’s latest facility in Ugrinovci near Belgrade, Serbia. The new facility will cover an area of over 4.000 square meters and presents a further addition to Union Šped’s locations across Serbia.

As the general contractor on this project we will oversee all aspects of construction – from design to realisation, on a turnkey basis. Works have commenced recently, and we will update our project log regularly with new content. Stay tuned!


One of Serbia’s leading retail chains – Gomex – hired Penta Ge.Co. Construction as their general contractor on the latest logistics facility located in Zrenjanin, Serbia. At over 3.000 square meters, this development is crucial to Gomex’s efforts to further stabilise their position on the Serbian market. All work is being done in accordance with all schedules and plans, with completion set for December this year.